Budget 2018

“It is astonishing to remember that it was just under twelve months ago when Theresa May decided to call a snap General Election. Bolstered by polls showing the Tories held a 20 point lead over Labour, her intention was to secure a large majority…”

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Budget 2017

“I have observed many Chancellors over the years and generally speaking it takes a number of Budgets before it becomes clear that they don’t really know what they are doing…”

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Budget 2016

“It appears that the Conservative government considers it politically impossible to make any meaningful savings in these huge departmental budgets… as a nation we appear doomed to live beyond our means until some external shock brings this financial incontinence to an end.”

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Budget 2015

“It will be interesting to see how political historians in years to come view the Coalition. Will they see it as an unexpected, if unloved, success which took unpopular but necessary decisions and managed to stabilise the country in a time of economic crisis?” 

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Budget 2014

“Unfortunately, ‘business as usual’ in the UK economy is not necessarily a good thing. The recovery is being primarily driven by a toxic mix of excessive state and private consumption.”

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Budget 2013

“Real austerity would have led to big cuts in nominal wages, pensions and benefits and would have been accompanied by huge tax increases.”

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Budget 2012

“The Coalition Government needs to confront a combination of intractable problems and grand delusions which previous administrations have either created or conveniently ignored.”

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Budget 2011

“The problems facing the UK are massive and are not going to be resolved quickly.  The nation’s finances can only be improved by allowing the private sector to grow unencumbered by administrative burdens, red tape and high taxes…..”

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Budget 2010

“Perhaps the taxpayer could forgive the Government for wrecking the public finances so comprehensively if they could see that the orgy of borrowing and spending had led to commensurate improvements in the infrastructure of the country…”

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Budget 2009

“Alistair Darling’s second Budget last month was quite remarkable. His Pre-Budget Report last year was profoundly depressing. This Budget speech was even worse.”

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Pre Budget Report December 2008

“It gives us no great pleasure to say it, but we told you so. The Pre-Budget Report, recited recently by the ventriloquist’s dummy, Mr Darling, was a seminal moment when the sheer scale of the economic ruin facing the country was laid out for all to see.”

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Budget 2008

“Gordon Brown has told us so many times what a miraculous economy we have. Sixty consecutive quarters of growth, employment at record levels, low interest rates, the abolition of boom and bust. The disingenuous bluster didn’t stop there….”

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Budget 2007

The dramatic story of the Sub Prime mortgage collapse (mortgages made to high risk borrowers) unfolding in America seems in many ways quite detached from us, but when one considers the lax lending policies that have been in place in this country for some time now, one sees similarities which are uncomfortable.”

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Budget 2006

“In reality however, Brown underlined his belief that there is no problem which can’t be solved if only more taxpayers’ money and state intrusion is aimed at it.”

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Budget 2004

“However, once the spin was discounted and the full details of the Budget provisions emerged, the picture for the small business community looked somewhat less than rosy.”

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Budget 2003

“Unfortunately, all of the above points towards Taxpayers having to work longer, pay more Tax and retire later.”

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Budget 2002

“The tax credit system (designed presumably, by Civil Servants with little or no knowledge of the real world)…”

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