Am I affected by the Domestic Reverse VAT Charge?

Are you affected by the Domestic Reverse VAT ChargeWe’ve been talking to our clients about the Domestic Reverse VAT Charge for some time now. However, with the scheme now in operation, it’s essential that anyone impacted by these changes fully understand how they are affected.  

Written by Brett Smith, this short article may help those who are still looking for support and, of course, we’re always happy to talk through any questions.  

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Knowing Your Numbers

The most popular feedback that we’ve had after our ‘Know Your Numbers’ webinar has been to ask us to develop a series of support documents demystifying your financial reports.

Your financial reports tell you the story of your business; allowing you to interpret the results of your business activity. The better you understand your financial reports, the better your decision-making and results will be.

The first one in the series explains your Balance Sheet in the simplest of terms and can be downloaded here.