Who We Are

Humphrey and Co. was founded in 1974 by Julian Humphrey. He developed a thriving practice using his excellent technical skills, hard work, his wide ranging knowledge of financial matters, his larger than life personality, his wish to provide an excellent value service and his burning desire to protect the interests of his clients at all times.

Julian was always able to see the bigger picture and clients valued this enormously, along with his defiant attitude to officialdom and any large organisation that wronged his clients. The business flourished to such an extent that Chris, Julian’s nephew joined the firm in 1993 and soon became fully integrated in the Humphrey & Co. way of doing things. By 1999, Humphrey & Co. had outgrown their modest surroundings and moved to Wingbury Courtyard, where the office is situated today.

In early 2021, Chris retired and handed over the reins to BAS Associates, with Brett and Sian running the office. Along with the experience of Kim and Bev we are still support the existing client base and are constantly looking for new ones to add to our portfolio.